Dark Souls II’s Final Batch Of DLC Crown Of The Ivory King Delayed


Bandai Namco has announced that the final chapter of downloadable content for Dark Souls II, Crown of the Ivory King, has been delayed by one week across all platforms.

Initially scheduled to go live on September 24th, the publisher confirmed that ardent fans of the excruciating RPG will have to wait until September 30th for the add-on to weave its way onto Xbox Live and Steam, before becoming available on PlayStation Network the following day. Bandai Namco offered no specific reason for the postponement.

Leaving behind the dark and foreboding dungeons from the previous DLC packs, Crown of the Ivory King is set to be a fitting conclusion to the game’s post-release narrative arc. For the add-on, players will be forced to venture forth onto an icy landscape replete with blinding snowstorms and, as you’d expect, violent enemies for you to dispatch (or, you know, die trying).

Fans of the series can look forward to an all-new gameplay mechanic, too, with Crown of the Ivory King entailing a rather intriguing follower system. Though it’s a far cry from the social lingo of Twitter, players are able to gain followers — essentially AI companions — throughout the course of the campaign in order to make those infamous boss battles that little bit easier.

Rather than launching this week, Dark Souls II’s Crown of the Ivory King will arrive for PC and Xbox 360 on September 30th, while PlayStation 3 owners can look forward to the final chapter in the game’s DLC canon to arrive on October 1st.