Darksiders 2: Definitive Edition Slated For A PlayStation 4 Release



Few topics have garnered as much attention in the industry of late as a publisher’s decision to give an older title a fresh lick of paint, pack in some additional content into the main build, and re-release it in the form of a definitive edition. On one hand, it offers up the perfect opportunity to those who perhaps missed the game first time around, but detractors often raise the valid point that studios should be directing resources toward the development of new projects and ideas, rather than simply rehashing old ones.

That said, clearly a market exists for this type of product, as the re-releasing treatment has been given to the likes of Crystal Dynamics’ Tomb Raider and DMC: Devil May Cry among many, many others. And so, the latest in line to get such a revamp is Nordic Games’ cult hit Darksiders 2.

First spotted on Amazon, the port — aptly titled Darksiders 2: Definitive Edition — was thereafter confirmed by the publisher in a statement to GameSpot. Currently, the listing slates the game for a release on PlayStation 4, though it seems certain that the upcoming re-release will make its way to Xbox One, too.

Developed by Vigil Games, the somewhat under-appreciated RPG first launched back in 2012, caught amidst the downfall of its original publisher, THQ. From that point on, the hack-‘n-slash title was quickly picked up by Nordic and shepherded to a general release to relatively good acclaim. Now that the latter publisher owns the rights, it will be interesting to see whether the release of Darksiders 2: Definitive Edition will help stoke excitement for a potential third entry in the series.

But what do you think? Would you relish a return to Vigil Games’ cult RPG? Or are the definitive editions and rereleases becoming long in the tooth?

Source: GameSpot

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