Data Storage On Nintendo’s Amiibo Figurines Limited To One Game


Nintendo has formally confirmed that its soon-to-be-released selection of Amiibo figurines will only be able to store data for one of its first-party titles. Announced via the Japanese page for the NFC-powered collectibles, the company noted that while players won’t be able to carry over data from one game to the other, the toys will still be able to unlock in-game bonus items.

“Amiibo can only store data for one read/write compatible game at a time. If you wish to use the data from other read/write compatible software, please erase the data in the ‘Amiibo settings’ section of the Wii U settings menu.”

So, essentially, were fans to pick up the Mario figurine and bring it to life in Super Smash Bros — subsequently attaching data to the item — users would still have the opportunity to utilize the same toy with other compatible titles such as Mario Kart 8 in a read-only format. Meaning that you will still gain access to unlockable items, even if you can’t use the collectible to its full capacity.

We learned just yesterday that the company is also considering the option to expand support of the Amiibo range to third-party and independent developers, giving external studios the opportunity to bring their own characters to life via the Skylanders-like peripherals.

The first batch of Amiibo figurines are on their way to stores soon, as Nintendo plans to unveil them alongside Super Smash Bros.’ arrival on Wii U on November 21st in North America. The Big N has high hopes for the collectibles, as additional waves of mascot characters are planned for release throughout the course of 2015.

Source: Nintendo