Dawn Of The 2DS: Why Nintendo’s Newest “Misstep” Is Their Smartest Move Of The Year


When The Big N announced the Nintendo 2DS, gamers ‘round the globe froze like so many deer in headlights. Is this thing real? Is today April 1st? Has Nintendo finally gone full-on crazy? And as is usually the case with aberrant Nintendo news, the editorials started flooding in. “Out of touch! Leaving the console race!” And of course, the ever popular “Doomed!”

While the boisterous dogpiling on Nintendo that occurs at times like these often has at least some foundation in logic and reality, I can’t help but feel like people are really missing the mark trying to understand what the 2DS is really about.

I’ve outlined below why the 2DS is the smartest thing Nintendo has done in a while, how the uncertainty surrounding it is nothing but good news for the company, and most importantly for a business (which Nintendo is, lets not forget), how it’s going to soak up absolutely foul amounts of profit this holiday.

In other words, 2DS detractors, the joke’s on you.

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