DDOS Attack Causing Login Issues On Final Fantasy XIV Servers


A DDOS attack is currently affecting Square Enix’s MMO Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, resulting in server problems and login issues across the board.

Crucially, the company has assured players that no personal information or customer data is under threat from the attack, all the while apologizing for any inconvenience caused. Here’s the official statement:

“A massive number of access attempts are being made to the server where both character data and personal information of our customers are [stored]. Our game servers, network equipment and network connection are being hit with heavy load at an extensive level, which is causing a disconnection from the game and login difficulties.

“Our technical staff is taking every possible measure to address this issue but the attack is still continuing to take place by changing their methods at every moment. We will continue to monitor and work on recovery from every possible angle.”

If you aren’t aware already, a DDOS attack — distributed denial of service — is a strategized move made by hackers or an anonymous third-party to overwhelm the central servers with an exorbitant amount of traffic from nefarious sources. As such, the single server being targeted becomes crippled in the process, thereby making it extremely difficult to detect, let alone prevent, a DDOS attack.

On a lighter note, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is due to receive its maiden expansion pack, Heavensward, in spring of 2015. With it, players can expect to find new mounts, airships and a plethora of jobs and classes.

Source: Square Enix