Dead Rising 3 Kinect Features And Nightmare Mode Detailed


One of the most exciting titles shown at E3 yesterday was Dead Rising 3 and today, we’re happy to bring you a few additional details on the upcoming game. According to Capcom, the third entry into the popular series won’t be as time focused as the previous two instalments, allowing for some of the pressure to be lifted off of gamers during their playthrough.

“We’re trying to have our cake and eat it too, in terms of how the game world works,” a Capcom representative said. “In previous Dead Rising games, time was ticking. You have to rush through the game, you don’t get a chance to explore, you don’t get a chance to experiment, you can only save in certain locations … and some people loved that, but some people hated it and it totally turned them off from Dead Rising.”

Now, Capcom is also aware that some people like a challenge and enjoy punishing themselves. If you find yourself in that camp, you’ll be happy to know that the developers are including a Nightmare mode. Check out what Capcom had to say about it below:

“No auto-saves; clock is ticking; we’ll fail your ass if you don’t make it to the next mission in time. It works just like old Dead Risings – so if you’re a Dead Rising fan and you want a sadistic experience, you can totally do that.”

Going on to discuss the game’s Kinect functions, it was revealed that the zombies can hear. So if you yell at your Kinect, the zombies will respond to you. Now, we should make it clear that the zombies won’t respond to specific words and don’t understand English. Executive producer Josh Bridge explained that the microphone sensitivity “will be tuned to a threshold that makes sense.” Of course, you can also disable this feature if you wish.

Furthermore, the game will also allow players to use the Smartglass to “call in air strikes, drone support or area-wide flares for distracting thousands of zombies at a time.” You can also locate useful weapons and storefronts on the SmartGlass. Again though, this is all optional.

“If you don’t want to fool with Smartglass you don’t have to, but we tried to develop features that enrich the experience of Dead Rising; help you find weapons, help you find stores, help you get to the stuff you want to get to, as well as cool explosive boom things that are pretty to look at,” said Bridge.

It seems like Capcom is changing things up for Dead Rising 3 quite a bit while still retaining some of those elements that made the first two games so memorable. If they can strike the right balance between new and old, and please both returning and first-time fans, they will likely have a hit on their hands.