New Dead Space Video Launches – Is Dead Space 3 Inbound?

Following the recent release of what appears to be the logo and first screenshot for Dead Space 3, a new video has risen from the vents of the official Dead Space site. Entitled ‘Dead Space Graphic Novel Short’, the video follows Earthgov Seargent John Carver as he witnesses the Marker site he is guarding come under a life-changing attack.  With the colony thrown into complete disarray, he must not only fight his way through the chaos but come to understand just how important he is in combating the Necromorph plague.

Despite not mentioning it in the title, the video appears to be linked to Dead Space 3. The website’s source code is infested with references to ‘ds3’, as noticed by some fans over on the Dead Space Facebook page, and the pre-E3 timing seeming just too coincidental to discount. As the apparent “start of John Carver’s saga in the Dead Space Universe”, this video could perhaps be taken as an introduction to the protagonist joining Issac in Dead Space 3‘s purported co-op.

Whilst mere speculation at this point, it is at least fuelled by various fires. One of which, a countdown timer on the official site coded in Dead Space‘s alien language and ending just after E3, has almost certainly drawn the attention of the multi-limbed beast that is the internet.

Source: Joystiq

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