Death Stranding Director’s Cut Footage Coming To This Year’s Gamescom

Death Stranding PC

Death Stranding, industry auteur Hideo Kojima’s latest and arguably most divisive video game to date, will get a re-release next month, a Director’s Cut, no less. Though, what can fans of the original version expect? Is it worth the money? All valid questions, and queries that’ll hopefully be answered at length in about 24 hours.

For those not aware, Gamescom, Europe’s equivalent to E3, opens its doors to digital attendees tomorrow, August 25th, bringing with it updates on all the latest AAA titles and indies currently in development. As was the case last year, Geoff Keighley will host the digital-only event and has spent the last few weeks teasing some fixtures audiences can expect to catch a glimpse of.

Death Stranding is just the latest of these announcements, and its dedicated screen time is something he says fans won’t want to miss.

How long the showcase will run for, Keighley doesn’t say; though, if precedent has taught us anything, you can likely expect a sizable chunk of the opening ceremonies to cover everything new coming to Sam Porter Bridges’ (played by Norman Reedus) bleak, post-apocalyptic world.

Several key changes, including the addition of more missions, revamped combat, and quirky new devices intended to make Sam’s job as courier markedly easier, have already been documented… and with any luck, we’ll see all these things in action.

Death Stranding: Director’s Cut releases September 24th exclusively on PlayStation 5. All existing owners of the game on Sony’s last-gen console can upgrade for a discounted price of $10. No word yet on whether this spruced-up version will be coming to Xbox and/or PC in the future, but it’s likely going to be a similar deal as before (i.e., a timed exclusive). Watch this space for further developments.