Deep Silver To Handle Persona 5 Publishing In Europe


Deep Silver, the publishing house behind Homefront: The Revolution along with the Dead Island series, will bring Persona 5 to Europe.

Partnering with series stalwart Atlus, this is a somewhat unexpected move from the developer, whose parent company SEGA holds a publishing presence in the EU, which really begs the question why it elected Deep Silver to take the reins.

How and ever, Persona 5 isn’t the only Japanese title that will be released through the Saints Row studio, with the likes of 7th Dragon II Code: VFD, and Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse also securing western releases via Deep Silver.

Naoto Hiraoka, CEO of Atlus USA, released the following statement:

“In entering this partnership with Deep Silver, I am truly delighted we will be able to release our titles in the European regions. Not only does the deal span multiple titles, but Deep Silver has a strong presence in European and PAL retailers. They have a strong passion for being able to deliver physical games to our fans in those territories, which we hold in high regard.”

It’s fair to say that Atlus has burned some bridges with its European fans through the years, though it seems the studio is out to make amends.

Take a seat real quick, Europe; we need to talk. I know we haven’t always gotten along together, but that’s the past. And the past is the past. We’re looking toward the future. And it’s a bright one, because Atlus USA and Sega of America are partnering with Deep Silver to release multiple upcoming titles in Europe.

Persona 5 has been pegged for a September launch in Japan, before making its way to North America in time to woo our hearts on Valentine’s Day, 2017. Now that Deep Silver has been instated as publisher, we imagine it won’t be too long before we catch wind of an official European due date.