Delve Into The Fantastical Minutia Of Puppeteer In This New Footage


Launching as a PlayStation 3 exclusive this September is Japan Studio’s quirky and visually striking platformer, Puppeteer. From the creative mind of Gavin Moore; he of The Getaway fame, the latest entry in the genre promises ample variety and personality what with its diverse gameplay and vivid aesthetic. And in a bid to get the community excited about the game, PlayStation.Blog posted this new video with Moore which you can check out below:

Even from this brief snippet, it’s clear that the studio have toiled arduously in order to craft the most memorable experience possible for Puppeteer. Japan Studio’s side-scroller tells the story of a young boy named Kutaro who, after literally losing his head to the Moon Bear King, is turned into a puppet and must journey across a dark and mysterious world in order to return home.

Like Pinocchio transposed to a mystical realm, our charming lead protagonist finds help in the form of a peculiar cat – a studio trait that Gravity Rush fans will recognise – who aids in his quest to overcome the villainous generals. Armed with a magical pair of scissors called Calibrus, Kutaro must wean his way through the dynamic and, in a sense, nightmarish universe of Puppeteer to overthrow the tyrannical Moon Bear King – a journey that will host an array of gameplay experiences.

It’s been confirmed that the final version of the game will include a stereoscopic 3D mode as well which, according to Moore, doesn’t sacrifice any of Puppeteer’s framerate during the transition from the more conventional two dimensional perspective. Shouldering its way between the looming franchises and indie titles this September, Japan Studio’s ambitious title will be available exclusively on PlayStation 3 for $39.99/£23.

Puppeteer has been slated for release on September 10th, 2013. Tell us, will you be pulling the strings in Japan Studio’s platformer within a few weeks? Indeed, do you feel the pricepoint is appropriate for a game of this stature? Let us know below!