Descent Creators Launch Overload Into Kickstarter Project


Revival Productions – the team responsible for the creation of Descent – have launched their next project into a Kickstarter funding campaign, titled Overload. The game is set to e heavily inspired by their previous work, and is being called a “spiritual successor” to their six-degrees-of-freedom shooter from back in the early nineties.

Mike Kulas, one of Descent‘s designers and who’s now leading the work on Overload, recently talked about how thrilled he and the team are with the early progress:

It’s so exciting to be working on a small team again and we’re thrilled with how the game is coming along.  Overload already has that fluid feel and now we’re at a great stage of development where cool stuff is dropping in every day.

Overload is set to focus heavily on what’s made 6DOF games so popular in previous gaming generations while also looking to refresh and update the genre for modern audiences.

With a basic search-destroy-escape mechanic fuelling each stage of the game, the developers are loading fluid, 3D level design and explosive action to the proceedings to make this a dynamic and exciting experience. Think of it as your Lando Calrissian piloting the Falcon out of the exploding Death Star moment if you want to picture just how exciting it’ll be.

Overload is scheduled for a March 2017 release, and you can check out more on the progress of the campaign right here.

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