Osiris and Saint-14 finally kiss in Destiny 2
Credit: Bungie

‘Destiny 2’ fans celebrate the first on-screen kiss of a fan favorite gay couple

The romance has finally leaped from being buried in the lore books to actual cutscenes :')

Destiny 2’s Season of the Plunder is in its final week, so as is tradition, the story arc of the past few months got wrapped up with a tidy little epilogue cutscene.

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This time around, players of Bungie’s shooter were treated to a really sweet moment between Saint-14 and Osiris finally sharing an on-screen kiss. Fans of the Guardian power-couple were absolutely thrilled to see the pair’s well-documented romance in the game’s lore books finally come to fruition in a cutscene.

The grand finale of Season of the Plunder was Mithrax and Eido finally figuring out how to harness the power of the reliquaries containing Nezarec. What was otherwise a truly terror-inducing source of Darkness power got turned into a seemingly innocuous, albeit oozy-looking cup of tea, which Saint fed to a comatose Osiris.

Osiris has been largely absent from the game’s narrative since Season of the Lost, preceding the launch of The Witch Queen expansion, and even further than that if you don’t count him being possessed by Savathun as “present” in the game. In that case, we last heard from a lucid Osiris in Season of the Hunt, during which his ghost, Sagira was killed, and with her, Osiris’ Guardian powers.

Osiris’ lover, Saint-14, has been understandably mopey since all of those events unfolded but never gave up on seeing his dear Warlock paramour awaken from his comatose state. 

Of course, plenty of other juicy plot developments happened during the epilogue – Osiris has not only awakened, but he possesses the memories of Savathun, and within them, her knowledge of Neomuna, the hidden city on Neptune – neatly setting up for our visit there during Destiny 2: Lightfall when it releases next year on Feb. 28, 2023. 

Until then, we have one more season to look forward to – with fans and data miners speculating that we’ll be looking at a Warmind-centric season 19. It all kicks off on Dec. 6.

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