Destiny 2 PC Launch Trailer Shows Bungie’s Sequel Running In Glorious 4K


It’s arriving almost two months later than on consoles, but finally, Destiny 2 on PC is within spitting distance of release and to celebrate, Bungie’s rolled out the launch trailer for what’s largely expected to be the definitive version of the shooter – thanks to a few extra added bells and whistles exclusive to the platform.

That includes, of course, 4K resolution as a major selling point, as well as the ability to play with an uncapped frame rate. You’ll need an appropriately powerful rig to make that a possibility, but if today’s trailer is anything to go by, the boost in visual fidelity coupled with smoother performance makes the sequel look noticeably slicker on PC over its console counterpart. For those eager to jump in and take the fight to Ghaul and his Red Legion as quickly as possible on October 27, it’s now possible to pre-load the game via Blizzard’s client, which, if you’ve yet to do so, can be downloaded here.

As far as the console versions are concerned, Bungie’s making every effort to ensure Guardians don’t go wanting for new content. Today marks the end of Destiny 2‘s first Iron Banner PvP event, which, if you weren’t able to grab every weapon and armor piece, will return on a monthly basis from here on out. For PvE minded players, tomorrow sees the arrival of the Leviathan Raid’s Prestige mode, a tougher, less forgiving version of Emperor Calus’ gauntlet of trials.

As for what else lies ahead, Bungie’s yet to confirm anything, but you can likely expect Festival of the Lost, a limited-time Halloween tie-in event to kick off at the end of October and, following that, the arrival of the game’s first expansion pack, Curse of Osiris, in December. There’s no final release date for that just yet, but you can head over here for everything we know so far.