Destiny 2 Release Date Brought Forward On Consoles, PC Release And Beta Start Dates Announced


In much the same way that Microsoft did before it just a day earlier, Sony’s conference at this year’s E3 prioritized, above all else, the showing off of brand new games for PlayStation 4 and VR, including, but certainly not limited to, Destiny 2.

Bungie confirmed as part of the long-awaited sequel’s gameplay reveal last month that Destiny 2 will arrive on consoles this September, but PC owners had no such luck. Indeed, a cloud of uncertainty had been lingering over the series’ first foray into the PC market, with many concerned that it could be arriving considerably later than on console. As per a recent post on Activision’s blog celebrating Destiny 2‘s E3 showing, however, we now know that Guardians will be joining the fight against the Red Legion on October 24 of this year, a month and a bit later than Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Along with confirming the above, Activision also made the small, but nonetheless welcome, announcement that Destiny 2‘s release date on consoles has been pulled forward by two days, meaning the fight to reclaim Earth from the tyrannical Ghaul and his legion will now begin September 6.

To top it all off, the publisher also announced that Destiny 2‘s early access beta kicks off on July 18 for PlayStation 4 owners and a day later for those on Xbox One. Following that, the beta will open its doors to all console players on July 21, with an end date pegged for July 23. A PC beta is scheduled to begin sometime in August.

As for new gameplay, you can check out the trailer Bungie provided Sony for last night’s conference above, which puts a ghastly face to Destiny 2‘s primary antagonist, Dominus Ghaul – enjoy!

Source: Activision