Destiny 2 Rumors Point To PC Version, Bungie Wants 2017 Sequel To Feel Like An Entirely New Game


Destiny 2 is real, that much we know. Once angled for release in 2016, earlier this year we caught wind of Bungie nudging the sequel into 2017 to accommodate the shooter’s content cycle – vanilla Destiny succumbed to a full, 12-month delay early on in development – which just recently produced the rather excellent Rise of Iron expansion.

Multiple reports now claim Destiny 2 is being readied for launch next fall and when it hits, it could well be coming to PC as well as PS4 and Xbox One. That’s according to a source close to Kotaku, claiming that Bungie is not only out to free its tentpole from the shackles of console exclusivity, but to also make the sequel feel like an entirely new game, even if it comes at the expense of in-game characters that players have spent hundreds upon hundreds of hours with.


Should that hold true, a dramatic overhaul of this nature would fly in the face of Bungie’s original blueprint, which was designed in such a way that players could be attached to a single (multiple?) characters for the better part of a decade – continuing to fly the Guardian flag through sequels, expansions and numerous pieces of DLC. Diablo 2 is said to be the point of reference behind closed doors, a sequel that iterated on the core mechanics of its predecessor while still feeling totally new.

Beyond that, Kotaku’s report goes on to claim that Bungie has enlisted development support from Vicarious Visions, a fellow studio operating under Activision.

Destiny 2, the as-yet-unconfirmed sequel incubating over at Bungie, is expected to bow during the latter stages of 2017. Whether it’ll launch for PC as well as PS4 and Xbox One is something that will be told in time, so watch this space.