Destiny 2 Worldwide Reveal Trailer Drops Tomorrow, March 30


Bungie has released a teaser trailer for Destiny 2, confirming that a worldwide reveal trailer for the sequel will drop tomorrow, March 30. Scheduled to arrive at 1 pm EST/10 am PST/6 pm BST, the teaser (above) features the lovable rogue Cayde-6 (voiced by Nathan Fillion) discussing his past adventures while enjoying a quick drink. The bar he’s found himself in has clearly seen better days, however, as it begins to crumble around the Hunter Vanguard before he’s finished regaling viewers with anecdotes.

Assuming the teaser is set in Earth’s Last City, the sprawling establishment that Guardians can look down on from the Tower in the original Destiny, it appears as if the situation is rather dire by the events of Destiny 2 – the entire city is under siege by Cabal forces. We can’t catch a glimpse of the burly space marines in the footage, but the militaristic race’s ships can be spotted flying overhead during the teaser’s closing moments, an event that many had suspected would happen due to various previous leaks.

Besides that, there’s not much else to report, although expect a whole lot more to be revealed with tomorrow’s full trailer. With any luck, we might get a official release date as well as confirmation from Bungie that it plans to hold a beta for the sequel ahead of launch, an event that had potentially been let slip earlier by way of a poster sent to retailers.

While we wait for that, don’t forget that yesterday saw Destiny‘s final sandbox update go live. Age of Triumph brings with it a whole host of improvements and updates to celebrate your legend. See here for all the details.