Destiny 2’s First Raid Will Be “Unlike Anything We’ve Done,” Says Game Director


Ever since its official announcement earlier this year, Bungie hasn’t been coy with providing a regular stream of new details for Destiny 2, having ripped the lid clean off the sequel at a special gameplay reveal event back in May. Besides detailing brand new features such as Lost Sectors and fresh subclasses for the Warlock, Titan and Hunter roles, attendees were privy to a gameplay hands-on with Destiny 2‘s first officially revealed Strike, Inverted Spire.

And yet, despite Bungie’s apparent eagerness to get the hype machine rolling along, there’s still one large core component of Destiny 2 that remains shrouded in mystery. From the Vault of Glass all the way up to Rise of Iron‘s Wrath of the Machine, each and every one of Destiny‘s raids is a fantastic showcase of Bungie’s talented team and a spectacle like no other. It’s hardly surprising, then, that fans are eagerly awaiting Bungie to show its hand, but should we be expecting an entirely new experience come September?

In a recent interview with Mashable, Destiny 2 director Luke Smith certainly seemed to imply that was the case, telling the site that, when creating the tentatively named ‘Raid 5,’ “building a place you believe is real,” was a sticking point high on Bungie’s list of priorities. “A place that you believe could exist,” continues Smith, adding that this particular version of the end-game activity is going to be “unlike anything we’ve done.”

It’s tough to get any more cryptic than that, but Smith’s comments, vague as they are, certainly have our interest piqued for Destiny 2‘s maiden raid in a couple months time. For those that can’t wait until September 6, an open beta on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 is due to kick off later this month and you can find all the details here.