Destiny Closes In On 13 Million Players Milestone


The developers of the hugely anticipated (yet sadly disappointing) Destiny have released statistics about the game, according to a report by Eurogamer. Amongst other facts, Bungie has announced that the online first-person shooter has been played by nearly 13 million people worldwide since its release in September.

The actual statistic places the number at exactly 12,869,006 players at the time of writing and we can only assume that that number is going to increase as we go into 2015. Considering the player count was around 3.2 million by October, that is quite a leap forward for the game.

13 million is a staggering amount of gamers that have logged onto Destiny, and it’s only been a few months. To put that number into perspective, DayZ developer, Dean Hall, said the standalone version of the multiplayer zombie survival game has boasted some three million players, while World Of Warcraft has an estimated ten million subscribers.

Bungie are clearly doing something right with figures like that, which must be good news for publishers Activision who sank around $500 million into the game getting it launched. Other figures state that nearly 23 million Guardians have been created (actual amount: 22,932,276). For those who don’t know, Guardians are Destiny‘s version of playable solider characters and come in three races: Human, Awoken and the Exo.

Destiny was one of the most highly anticipated games of 2014 from one of the biggest game developers in the world (perhaps you’ve heard of Halo). Despite being massively hyped and receiving mostly positive reviews, the game has been ccriticizedfor its poor story narrative and lack of end-game content. However, this didn’t stop the online shooter from selling over 91,000 PlayStation 4 copies in its opening week in Japan.