Destiny February 10 Xur Visit: What’s The Agent Of The Nine Selling This Week?

Xur’s back for another weekend of wheeling and dealing today in Destiny, but where’s he decided to set up shop and, more importantly, is the Agent of the Nine selling anything worth the visit? That’s largely down to whether you’ve still got some Exotics left to find in order to fill out the holes in your collection, but even if you already own Xur’s entire selection of wares this week, it’s not a complete bust, as there’s always the opportunity to stock up on some useful consumables. You can never go wrong with investing in a stack of Heavy Ammo Synths.

You can find the tentacle-faced merchant chilling out in the tower hangar this week, and as usual, he’s got a piece of Exotic gear on sale for each of the Hunter, Titan and Warlock classes as well as an Exotic weapon.

Check out the full inventory below:

Legacy engram (Body) – 29 Strange Coins
No Backup Plans (Titan Gauntlets) – 13 Strange Coins
Skyburners Annex (Hunter Helmet) – 13 Strange Coins
Apotheosis Veil (Warlock helmet) – 13 Strange Coins
Hawkmoon (hand cannon) – 17 Strange Coins
Three of Coins – 7 Strange Coins

The pick of the bunch this time as far as armor is concerned is No Backup Plans. As was the case last week, No Backup Plans is a perfect fit for those preferring to play the Defender subclass, with the gauntlets’ unique ability endowing your Guardian with an overshield whenever you perform a successful shotgun kill. With the dominance that close-range weapons have right now in the meta, it’s the perfect companion, although don’t grow too attached – Bungie’s planning to release a series of weapon balance changes in the near future.

As for Hawkmoon, its unique trait Holding Aces pairs well with Luck in the Chamber, but unless you’re lacking a good roll Legendary hand cannon, you’re probably best off skipping a purchase. Sorry Warlocks, there’s still no Ophidian Aspect for sale – maybe it’ll finally show up for the first time next week, eh?

In other news, Activision’s recent earnings call had the publisher outline its plans for Destiny 2. The sequel is still on course for a 2017 release, and Bungie plans to make it “more accessible” while still retaining everything that the core player base has grown to love. You can read more about that here.