Destiny Hits 1080p On Xbox One; Vanguard Armory Revealed


By now, you’ve surely been made aware of the Destiny Beta. Someone on your friends list is likely playing it, or maybe you’ve even had the pleasure yourself. Either way, it’s the most talked-about thing in the industry these days, and folks are flocking to PSN to give it a shot.

Having been taken offline for two days due to maintenance requirements, the Beta is currently inaccessible and inactive. As such, those who had planned to take today and tomorrow off to explore its expansive sci-fi world will have to wait until Wednesday, when things come back online and Xbox users gain access.

This off-day hasn’t gone to waste, though, as it’s been taken advantage of from a news perspective, with two big, Destiny-related stories having hit the interweb.

The first big story to break today pertained to the game’s Xbox One version, and only that, as IGN released a video that reportedly shows it running at 1080p/30 frames-per-second. This means that, thanks to a close partnership with Microsoft, Bungie has been able to match the PlayStation 4 version’s highly-touted resolution. For the full game, that is; not the Beta itself, which will still run at a lower resolution on the newest Xbox console.

Next is the introduction of the Vanguard Armory, a pre-order bonus that has been revealed through the use of a short, one minute-long trailer. Apparently, just by putting a bit of money down on the game prior to its release, players will gain access to said location and its special items, those being new weapons and new gear. An “exclusive player emblem” is also said to be located within.

so, there you have it, a quick round-up of all of today’s Destiny reveals. Now, take a moment and relax, as you wait for its Beta to return. Make plans to spend some time with the game on the 26th, while you’re at it, though, because Bungie has hinted at something special for that day, including the potential for “handsome and permanent” rewards.

Source: IGN