Destiny’s Crimson Days Event Won’t Return Next Month, Bungie Has “Other Plans” Instead

Destiny players won’t have a special occasion to enjoy with their significant other in-game as they did last over last year’s Valentine’s weekend, Bungie has stated. The so-called Crimson Days event, which pitted two teams of two Guardians against each other in order to compete for some suitably-themed rewards, won’t be returning next month, with Bungie stating that it has “other plans,” in its weekly address to fans. The statement of intent mimics the developer’s earlier tease that something big was on the horizon, which is all well and good, but by now, we all know Destiny is living on borrowed time.

We’ve known for a while now that Activision and Bungie plans to officially unveil Destiny 2 at some point this year, but assuming the tried and tested schedule sticks, the sequel won’t be with us until at least September, leaving those still fighting in the name of the Traveler without any meaningful content for the next seven months plus. Bungie is asking you to hold on for just a little while longer, though, stating that the Live Team’s next content update is “taking shape,” but it’s in no rush, by the looks of it.

If the spring patch follows suit with last year’s April Update, we’re probably looking at receiving rejigged versions of existing content rather than entirely new features. With any luck, Bungie has been listening to fan requests to bring Destiny‘s older raids – Vault of Glass and Crota’s End – up to Year Three standards, giving those who missed out the first time around to see where it all started. It remains to be seen if Destiny‘s fan base can survive until Bungie sees fit to outline its future content plans, but we have our doubts.

Tell us, are you still logging into Destiny on a regular basis? If so, let us know what keeps you coming back in the comments below.

Source: Bungie