Destiny’s Iron Banner Brings More Exclusive Gear For Playstation

Destiny IB PS4 exclusives

The competitive Iron Banner event returned to Bungie’s Destiny yesterday, and as usual it bought with it a slew of new gear and collectibles. Interestingly, however, the event has yet again seen owners of Sony consoles get access to exclusive gear when they begin to participate in its latest iteration.

Players of the game will be familiar with this by now, of course, but the continuation of Bungie’s commitment to incentivising owners of PS4 and PS3 versions of the game is starting to have a surprising amount of longevity. This time around it’s the inclusion of exclusive armoured helmets for Desntiny‘s endgame that you’ll be fighting for.

Destiny exclusives

The image above – which comes courtesy of YouTube user Segma – shows the helmets available in their various class variations. It’s noted that these are available at different stages from Iron Banner’s Lord Saladin and as post-game drops.

In addition to the new Iron Banner content, players diving back into Destiny over the end of the festive period will note that today is another weekly ‘Armsday,’ meaning that brand new weapons are available from the Tower’s gunsmith as well.