Destiny’s Iron Banner Event Returns Tomorrow, Bungie Teases New Content Reveal


For many Destiny fans, all talk of new content for Bungie’s sci-fi shooter, may, by this point feel a little like a waste of time, what with Destiny 2‘s launch on the cards for later this year, but as any Guardian still fighting The Traveler’s enemies will tell you, Destiny’s universe can often feel stale when long periods of time pass without new things to do. Given that fact, and going by the general assumption that the sequel is still several months away from appearing on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and possibly PC, it’s hardly any surprise that Bungie wants to keep the current player base occupied and involved in the series before Destiny 2 drops.

In order to combat that drought, the developer has a couple of limited-time events that return every month or week of the year, offering Guardians the chance to gear up for the potential new content coming soon. One such event, Iron Banner, returns tomorrow, February 28, meaning players will once again be indulging in some Crucible action without the usual Light Level restrictions put in place for standard playlists.

Following the Balance Update pushed out earlier this month that saw the game’s shotgun meta take a drastic hit, Bungie’s once more going to try using Supremacy mode for the occasion, after it largely fell flat with the launch of Rise of Iron due to overuse of the aforementioned firearm. Snipers and Hand Cannons are the post-match drops you’ll receive in abundance this time around, with helmets and boots representing the armor side of rewards.

As for more permanent content headed to Destiny in the near future, Bungie signs off its Weekly Update with a message that reads as such:

That does it for this week. Next week DeeJ will be back stateside. Maybe he will even draw up a roadmap of what to expect in the month of March. Yes, this is where you can make jokes about how we’re hinting at future updates about future updates. We don’t mind. We’re just excited to get you the information.

Bungie’s next Weekly Update will be available at the end of the week, so expect to see it deliver on the tease then.