Destiny’s Massive The Taken King Expansion All But Confirmed


Much digital ink has been spilled regarding Bungie and Activision’s colossal ten-year plan for Destiny, though one of the more interesting facets to bubble to the ink-black surface pertains to the shooter’s September expansion, which is now all but confirmed to release as The Taken King.

US packs of the Red Bull energy drink have been spotted in the wild brandishing the moniker in question, along with the DLC’s logo that was first spotted when Bungie filed a trademark for the name itself last month. Promising an epic quest across the expansive solar system, these new images don’t necessarily reveal an awful lot, save for offering bonus experience points should you be so inclined to pick up a pack of Red Bull.

Nevertheless, this report aligns with what Activision has released regarding its nebulous September expansion. Essentially acting as Destiny 1.5, the massive content pack is purportedly big enough to warrant a physical release, and the publisher itself recently confirmed it has big plans for the shooter’s one-year anniversary – an anniversary that just so happens to fall in September.

A few months back, an image leaked online that appeared to detail Destiny‘s post-launch release schedule, during which time this expansion was referred to as Comet: Plague of Darkness. Bundling together the typical slew of exotic weaponry and armor, it’s understood that The Taken King may allow Guardians to explore a whole new subsection of the galaxy in the form of a Hive Ship. Such an addition would dovetail with The Reef, which recently opened up as a new hub world through last month’s House of Wolves DLC.

Expect more news pertaining to Destiny and The Taken King in particular during E3 2015.