Activision Has Big Plans For Destiny’s One-Year Anniversary



Long before Destiny released into the wild, claims of the shooter’s staggering budget loomed large, with publisher Activision stating that it had mapped out an expansive ten-year plan for the game’s future. As part of that slate, Bungie’s ambitious game was set to receive two expansions throughout its first twelve months on the market – The Dark Below and the soon-to-be-released House of Wolves – before culminating in a sizeable DLC to mark its one-year anniversary in September.

If previous reports are to be believed, this substantial expansion will essentially act as Destiny 1.5 and will release as Comet: Plague of Darkness. Filling the gap before the inevitable sequel, Activision is reportedly gearing up to launch the third post-launch content pack physically as well as the standard digital release, which typifies Plague of Darkness‘ mammoth size. Said expansion will also introduce a new playable area in the form a Hive ship, along with all of the standard fare that have become synonymous with Destiny add-ons – exotic loot, new weaponry and the like.

It’s worth noting that Activision is yet to formally unveil Comet: Plague of Darkness at the time of writing, and will likely hold back on any announcements until House of Wolves is out in the ether. Despite Bungie’s decision not to include a new raid mission in the sophomore expansion, Wolves will include the intriguing Trials of Osiris and the yet-to-be-revealed Prison of Elders mode.

We’ll have much more information for you as Destiny nears its one-year anniversary. In the interim, tell us, what do you make of these rumors surrounding the purported Comet: Plague of Darkness expansion? Let us know down below.

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