Destiny: Rise Of Iron Launch Trailer Asks If You Have What It Takes To Become An Iron Lord


Curious as to how The Fallen have breached the southernmost wall guarding Old Russia? Well, wonder no more, for the white-knuckle launch trailer for Destiny: Rise of Iron has landed ahead of the expansion’s imminent release, teasing The Plaguelands, new Exotic weaponry, private Crucible matches and a very, very pissed Lord Saladin.

Set to launch for PS4 and Xbox One on September 20, unlike previous content packs released for Bungie’s shared-world shooter (read: The Dark Below, House of Wolves, and The Taken King), Rise of Iron will be exclusive to current-gen systems.

Amid the galactic action included in the sizzle reel above is a glimpse of the revamped Gjallarhorn – a very fancy and elusive bazooka, essentially – the new social space known as Felwinter Peak and a formidable monster that will surely play into the new, six-player raid mission. As previously revealed, Lord Saladin will feature heavily in the Rise of Iron story arc, and you can get a brief overview down below.

The wall which stood for centuries along the southern border of Old Russia has collapsed, a battle-scorched reminder that our enemies still seek to destroy us all. Fallen mutants now scavenge the tombs of the Golden Age, and the plague they have unearthed in the wastes is more dangerous than even they understand. Join Lord Saladin. Journey into the Plaguelands. Learn the fate of the Iron Lords and stop the growing threat before it is too late.

Forgoing a release on last-gen systems – systems that Bungie now considers to be legacy consoles – Destiny: Rise of Iron will touch down for PS4 and Xbox One on September 20. In related news, we heard earlier today that we shouldn’t hold our breath for any PS4 Pro enhancements.

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