No PS4 Pro Enhancements Are Planned For Destiny, Says Bungie


Sony finally unveiled their mid-generation console upgrade in the form of the PS4 Pro last week, but despite the hardware boasting improved performance and visual fidelity for existing and future titles over the standard PlayStation 4, it appears as if not every developer is taking advantage of the system’s strengths from day one.

In a recent interview with GameSpot (via VideoGamer), Bungie executive producer Scott Taylor told the site that the developer currently has no plans to offer PS4 Pro support for their sci-fi shooter Destiny, flatly answering the question with a simple “no.”

When specifically asked about the game’s upcoming Rise of Iron expansion, Taylor responded with “yeah. Not for Rise of Iron. Maybe as far as the future. We have nothing to announce today, but I mean we’ll be looking at [that].”

Reading between the lines, it could well be the case that Bungie supports the PS4 Pro in the future, what with Destiny 2 widely expected to launch at some point in 2017, but as far as the current game is concerned, don’t get your hopes up.

Destiny‘s Rise of Iron add-on launches next week, September 20 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Check back here later to see the official launch trailer, which is due to release at 10am PST/1pm EST.