Details, Conceptual Artwork And A Reveal Trailer For The Elder Scrolls Online

Although we’re only one day removed from Bethesda Softworks‘ official unveiling of The Elder Scrolls Online, the Internet already boasts leaked info and potential conceptual artwork for the title. An intrepid gamer managed to get his or her hands on Game Informer’s June issue (which is largely dedicated to the much-anticipated MMO,) and has decided to break the suspense by posting details for us all.

A post on NeoGAF states that the game has been in development for five years now, at the hands of a 250 man staff. Going further, the author states that The Elder Scrolls Online will surprisingly make use of a third-person viewpoint, even though its predecessors have benefited from first-person cameras. The genre staple hot bar will be employed, full voice over work will be included and player-versus-player conflicts will be able to become 100 vs. 100 skirmishes. However, the combat system will not be in real-time, as a result of latency.

Not surprisingly, Zenimax Online Studios‘ main goal was to create an MMO that would attract genre veterans as well as those who love the main Elder Scrolls series. Hopefully the team will be able to create a final product that walks that fine tight rope. Hooking the series’ veterans by stating that this release will take place 1000 years in the past, and will allow for almost full exploration of Tamriel, was a nice touch.

Finally, a 2013 release is apparently being targeted for both Mac and PC.

Below, you will find Bethesda‘s official reveal trailer for The Elder Scrolls Online, as well as a gallery full of what looks to be conceptual art from the game. The images come to us thanks to All Games Beta.