New Details On Minecraft For Xbox 360

Minecraft, originally a PC game designed by Markus “Notch” Persson and his studio Mojang, is growing faster than you can stack up 3D cubes. Earlier this year we learned that the sandbox construction video game was getting iOS and Android versions, then at E3 2011 we learned that an Xbox 360 version was in development. Now Notch has leaked some new details regarding the Xbox game and its Kinect functionality.

In an interview with IGN, Notch said that since there is going to be actual marketing around the release and sales of the Xbox version of Minecraft, he can’t be as transparent as he normally is about gaming aspects. He did say that the crafting will completely change, and that there will be some interactive functionality.

“The 360 version with be a new product based of the PC version of Minecraft. It will be designed to work better on a console and to focus on the types of experiences you expect when playing games on a game console. As an example of something that will change, the crafting needs to be done completely different. The current type of crafting with a game controller would be about as fun as name-entry is.

I don’t dare answer any more of the questions, other than to say that I’m trying very hard to make sure we have a setting you can turn on that turns the game into what everyone is joking about; you wave your arms around to mine and use items. It’s just too silly not to include. Punching trees from the comfort of your living room has never been this immersive before.”

Due to new business concerns, Notch really couldn’t be as open in answering questions as he no doubt wanted to be. When asked whether there would be Minecraft versions for PlayStation 3 or the Nintendo Wii U sometime in the future, he said he couldn’t reply and he drew a picture of a little sheep instead.

No doubt we’ll get more information as the release date nears. As of now, I think Notch has said all that he’s at liberty to say.

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