Developer Cloud Imperium Says Star Citizen FPS Gameplay To Be “More Lethal” Than Call Of Duty



Chris Roberts, creator of the Wing Commander series who now presides over the development of Star Citizen, has offered an update on the game’s first-person shooter component, and how it differs from its genre contemporaries.

Marking the first “10 from the Chairman” video of 2016, today’s information dump gauges the shooting mechanics that fans can expect to see in the final, consumer-ready build of Cloud Imperium Games’ ambitious title, which is set to be much “more lethal” than those found in Call of Duty.

Rather than the hyper-kinetic set-up that allows players to run and gun at will, Star Citizen‘s first-person shooter sections will require an element of tactical play. Stealth is one of your most precious tools in Robert’s crowdfunded title, and here the Game Director specifies why that separates Star Citizen from the pack.

“Absolutely. That is part of the core design,” Roberts said in the video, courtesy of a transcript from Imperial News. “We are trying to make the FPS gameplay itself be more tactical, less just ‘run and gun.’ Especially since it is more lethal than you would normally expect with a Call of Duty or something.”

To support this style of play, there’s also an array of futuristic gadgets at your disposals to allow you to tip-toe around the environments. Said in-game wares aren’t ready to demonstrate just yet, though Roberts asked fans to look forward to further updates.

“We actually have some gadgets which are good for stealth and distractions, they’re just not in 2.0 yet,” he said. “We’re going through and reactivating and polishing them from Star Marine and they will also debut with Star Marine. But we have the hologram gadget where you can put up a hologram version of yourself and you can be off sneaking somewhere else. We are going to have definite things that will help you with hiding your radar and noise signature, or heat signature, and stuff like that. So we definitely want that.”

With a production budget of $100 million in tow, Star Citizen has become the biggest crowdfunded title in video game history, which burdens Cloud Imperium with a particular expectation as they ready the game for its anticipated launch.

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