Developer People Can Fly May Develop A Gears Of War Prequel Trilogy

Recently, the release of Gears of War 3 marked the end of the main series’ story. According to rumors, the very well-liked game could also be developer Epic Games‘ last game in the franchise. Despite this, it is a no-brainer that Microsoft won’t be putting one of their most beloved (and lucrative) series out to pasture just yet. Based on a recent news blurb in the Official Xbox Magazine, the development team may have already been picked.

People Can Fly, the Epic-owned developer of the recent title Bulletstorm, was referenced to be behind “a prequel trilogy as a likely scenario” by the magazine. As Bulletstorm failed to become a big hit in terms of sales, it may make sense for the developer to make a new title based on an established franchise, as opposed to testing the waters with another new IP.

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