Diablo III Gets Rated (In South Korea)

Contrary to popular belief, Diablo III is probably farther from release than we like to think. However, the Korean Game Ratings Board has given a rating to the game, which means it may see release before Hell freezes over after all.

The rating says the game isn’t suitable for anyone under the age of 18, (the equivalent of an M rating here in NTSC land,) and only features blood and violence.

This shouldn’t surprise anyone, considering the other games were also rated M. It also shouldn’t be surprising that South Korea is the first place to get a rating out the door, seeing as they’re clearly the biggest supporters of anything Blizzard makes. They have a theme park for World of Warcraft for cryin’ out loud!

And now we play the “wait until a release date is actually announced” game.

What say you, gamers? When do you think the game will be released?