DiRT 3 Limited Edition Traxxas Car/Pre-Order Details!

Details have surfaced regarding the much talked about RC car that is to be a part of a $300 limited edition DiRT 3 bundle. It will be available on May 24th, along with the regular edition of the game, but will cost about six times as much. To the average gamer, it may not be worth it, but the RC car that they’ve included is apparently really high quality. Some RC fans have even stated that it’s cheaper to get it with the game than in-stores, though that hasn’t been proven.

For those who are interested in this extravagant limited edition, check out the following information. Keep in mind that this edition will be extremely limited. It will only be available with the PlayStation 3 and XBOX 360 versions of the title and will only be available through pre-orders.

The RC car will be a Traxxas Radio controlled replica of Ken Block’s Ken Block’s Gymkhana Fiesta car, a fully assembled, Ready-To-Race® machine with TQ AM radio, Titan® 12-Turn 550 motor, XL-2.5 Electronic Speed Control, 7.2 volt NiMH battery & charger, and a painted & decaled replica Ken Block Gymkhana Fiesta body.


· Officially licensed Ford Fiesta body design and Ken Block/Monster Energy graphics

· Officially licensed Volk Racing TE37 wheels

· Pre-glued, low-profile Gymkhana-compound slick tires molded in a specially formulated rubber compound for authentic Gymkhana performance and handling

· Full-time 4WD

· Powerful Titan® 12-Turn 550 modified motor

· Includes Traxxas Power Cell battery pack and charger

· TQ AM Transmitter

· Waterproof electronics

· Digital high-torque waterproof micro steering servo

· Adjustable oil-filled coil over shocks

· Rubber-sealed ball bearings

· Impact absorbing foam front bumper

· Race-winning, F1-inspired Revo® suspension technology

In DiRT 3, players get behind the wheel to race through the snow, rain and dirt, competing as a professional driver across three continents – from the forests of Michigan to the infamous roads of Finland and the national parks of Kenya. DiRT 3’s stunning new Gymkhana mode, inspired by Ken Block’s incredible freestyle driving event, allows gamers to test their skills in free sessions or challenge events where they must complete courses by performing spectacular stunts, racking up combos and earning style points. Players can also play or compete with friends in split-screen or online multiplayer modes, and become Gymkhana stars by publishing spectacular runs direct to YouTube.

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