DiRt Rally Trailer Makes Use Of Community Footage From PC Players


Ahead of the physical and console release for DiRt Rally in April this year, Codemasters have put together a new trailer made of community gameplay footage. Showcasing the incredible driving skills of the game’s players, the trailer demonstrates the kind of exciting rally action that’s possible in DiRt Rally.

The DiRT Rally Community Trailer is the result of an initiative by the team and the DiRT community to demonstrate the excellent level of skill and talent of the legions of players who have been clocking hundreds of thousands of hours of playtime in the game since its release on Steam Early Access.

Codemasters have explained that, to date, Dirt Rally’ s dedicated players have clocked up over 160 million kilometres, raced 4.7 million clean stages and performed nearly 4.2 million barrel rolls in their quest to join the world’s elite DiRT Rally players at the top of the leaderboards.

Paul Coleman, Chief Games Designer, added the following about the joys of putting the new trailer together:

We were absolutely blown away by both the volume of footage we received and the amazing rallying skills our players have. It’s really humbling to see so many dedicated people taking the time to send us their videos. DiRT fans, we salute you, and we can’t wait to welcome console players to our awesome community soon!

Check out the trailer above, and see the kind of action you’ll be in for when DiRt Rally arrives for PS4, Xbox One and PC on April 5.