Dishonored Trailer Brings The Stealth System Out Of The Shadows

Having recently been exposed to Dishonored‘s disturbing world courtesy of a few new screenshots, many have wanted to know just how successfully they will be able to avoid face to (doll mask wearing) face combat with the enemies in the game. The latest trailer, entitled ‘The Study of Stealth’, reveals precisely that.

Much has been made of the ability to kill creatively, but it appears that slinking through the shadows is equally as varied, with numerous considerations to be taken and abilities to used in order to succeed.

As shown in the video, there is more to stealth than simply remaining out of sight. Yet that aspect in itself seems more expansive than in most games. Both peripheral vision and the different awareness levels of enemies, depending upon your surroundings and distance, are factors one must make allowances for.

Dishonored isn’t all cowering in a corner though. In fact, the very things that can give you away are perhaps your greatest tools. The ability to lure enemies into vulnerable positions is shown off to great effect in this stealth-centric, tactical trailer.

Check it out for yourself below.

Sorry, the video is currently unavailable.

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