Does FFXIV Have Cross-Platform Play?

Final Fantasy XIV

There are plenty of MMOs on the market but few have risen to become an industry goliath like Final Fantasy XIV. Taking the majorly successful fantasy RPG series and bringing it into the online multiplayer setting, it took some time for fans to hop on board, but now it’s one of the biggest games available in the space.

You can get the game not only on PC like traditional MMOs but also on next and current-gen consoles like PlayStation 4 and 5. With multiple places to play there is little stopping players from at least giving the game a chance.

With all multiplayer games, you’re going to want to play alongside your friends and with the variety of consoles available you may be wondering, can you play alongside others on different platforms?

Does FFXIV have Cross-Platform play?


Yes! You can play Final Fantasy XIV alongside your friends no matter what console that they reside on and you can also play your characters and keep progress from one device to another. There are a few things worth noting though.

Firstly, if you plan on playing between the two consoles you will need to purchase the expansions for both platforms. You can’t just own them on a single platform and continue with them on the other. This is costly so it could deter players from using this feature.

You aren’t going to retain your client information from either PC or PlayStation when logging in to the other. This is stuff like spell bindings, settings preferences, UI set up, and other small quality of life changes you may have made while playing.

The good news though, going between devices won’t impact any of the stuff that matters including your characters, items, story progress, and the rest of the things that make your account unique.

Playing between consoles will only be an issue if the players reside on different data servers, though this will still be an issue if you were both on the same platform making it less of a cross-play issue and more something to remember.