It Certainly Looks Like Dragon Age III Is A Thing


Claims that people have been involved in a survey asking about a potential upcoming Dragon Age game is raising RPG fan’s eyebrows internet-wide, leading to some pretty interesting rumors.

A post on the BioWare forums provided the above screenshot of a marketing survey, the survey also featured several potential names for the upcoming game, including subtitles The Breach, Exarch, Inquisition, Inquisitor and Apocrypha.

The reason the word “inquisitor” shows up so much is explained in yet another rumored part of the survey, which expands on the plot. Similar to the last game, the game will center around a civil war between magical forces and the Holy Order of the Chantry. The game is said to take place in Orlais, which would make sense for those of you who finished the last game.

The info leak appears to be real, as sites reporting on the breach, such as Kotaku, have received cease-and-desist letters from the company in charge of the survey, all but confirming that what’s been put out there is, indeed, real.

It’s important to remember that Dragon Age III has never received an official confirmation, only developers here and there saying that it’s “bound to happen.”

Oh EA. Next time you should probably tell the company doing your work for you to be more lax. Threatening legal action only confirms the shenanigans. Oh well.

Come at me, bro.

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