Dragon Age: Inquisition Details Three Of Its Badass Allies


The Dragon Age games have never been easy, and it looks like the series’ third instalment will be more of the same. This means that, in order to counteract Dragon Age: Inquisition‘s presumed difficulty, players will need to be smart about how they approach battles and who they take with them. Allies will once again be of utmost importance, and will certainly be the key to many victories, not to mention some unfortunate defeats.

A new trailer for Inquisition hit the Internet today, detailing available player classes and three of the large RPG’s nine followers. What starts with a brute force bang transitions to ranged warfare, before moving to elemental means. Overall, it’s a great look at the game, which will surely make fans drool on their keyboards.

Out of this particular trio — which includes Bull the fearsome bandit, whose crushing strikes look to be unparalleled, Sarah the cocky elvish archer and Dorian the studious mage — the one I’m most excited about is definitely Bull. As someone who loves to use warrior classes, he looks to be right up my alley. He’ll surely end up being my go-to companion, while the other members in my team will be used for long range and healing.

Dragon Age: Inquisition cannot release soon enough, but we’ll have to wait until November 18 before we’ll be able to get our grubby mitts on it.