Dual Gear Is Greenlit By Steam As Crowdfunding Effort Continues


Inspired by classic Japanese mecha anime, turn based action title Dual Gear is currently working its way toward a crowdfunding target through Indiegogo. While the funding effort continues to make fairly slow progress, there has been some good news this week as the game has been greenlit by Steam.

The title, developed by Orbital Speed Studio in Thailand, is aiming for a $60,000 goal in its basic crowdfunding effort with a further stretch goal set at $95,000 to enable the inclusion of multiplayer modes.

The potential multiplayer modes are detailed as follows:

“Team Match” Build your Dual Gear squad and face an opponent’s online squad!

“Ace Deathmatch” Choose your veteran Dual Gear and face off with other players’ veterans on online Deathmatch!

“Mission Invader” Invade other players’ story modes! Choose your way; help or destroy them all!

The basis of the game will be a turn based action platform that sees its players build and customize squads of weaponized mechs for dynamic and exciting battle sequences. Movement will also be more fluid and pacy than with many other turn based games, allowing for Dual Gear to look and feel like a smoother experience.

A trailer of pre-alpha gameplay footage can be seen at the top of this page, and if Dual Gear looks like the type of game you’d like to get your hands on, then you can check out the progress of the project right here.

Source: Games Press

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