Duke Nukem Forever Video Shows Off Shrinking Gameplay

Duke Nukem Forever just got sillier, which is saying a lot for a game that gives you the ability to piss in a urinal for no apparent reason. A new video has been released, demonstrating the importance of how bigger isn’t always better. It appears to be footage from the campaign, with Duke stepping on portals that minimize his size and has him kicking ass in various ways.

The level itself looks like a museum of some sorts, including comical acts of violence in a kitchen. The enemies throwing ketchup containers across the room fits the hysteria and mayhem of the game perfectly. Duke himself also wields a weapon that shrinks his enemies, allowing him to finish them off in killing blow by stomping on their miniature body. The weapon has been confirmed for use in the multiplayer as well, which can only lead to amusing opportunities for you to crush opponent’s spirits, literally.

Even if the game looks a little rough around the edges, it’s hard to deny the appeal of nostalgia in Duke Nukem Forever, keeping its outrageous humor and old-fashioned gameplay fully intact. We’ll have to wait and see if it’s been worth the wait when it arrives on the PS3, 360, and PC next month.