Dwayne Johnson Joins Grand Theft Auto In Awesome Fan Art

Dwayne Johnson

In the absence of even infinitesimally small hints from Rockstar regarding when to expect Grand Theft Auto 6 news, fans of the globally popular action-adventure series have been left to their own devices to imagine what shape the sequel could take.

Rumors and wish lists alike have suggested that a return to Vice City or an all-new setting such as Central America could be on the cards for the next installment, though neither of these has been backed by anything even approaching remotely believable or verifiable. Truth be told, vague references to the studio’s inner workings and current projects are all that exist to reassure gamers that a sixth entry is in the pipeline, hopefully with the intent for it to materialize as a finished product in the not-too-distant future.

In the meantime, kry_some_more has decided to try their hand at transforming one of Hollywood’s biggest names into a character from the series. Mimicking the art and presentation style used by Rockstar for GTA‘s iconic entry and loading screens, the Reddit user has envisioned Dwayne Johnson as a suave businessman (likely of the illicit kind) set against the backdrop of Los Santos. Check it out below.

Not that such a collaboration is impossible, of course, but considering Johnson’s existing commitments, it’s unlikely he’d have the time to spare for something as time-consuming as motion capture work. Most notably, the former WWE wrestler is scheduled to make his debut in the DCEU as antihero Black Adam in the film of the same name to be released next year.

As for Grand Theft Auto 6, cyber sleuths recently uncovered what they believe to be portions of the unannounced title’s map. See here for the full story.