Dying Light Teases Four-Player Co-Op In Gamescom Trailer



gamescom 2014 won’t open its doors until August 13, but that hasn’t kept trailers destined for the convention from slipping out ahead of time.

The latest video to hit the Internet prior to Germany’s premiere gaming expo happens to be for Dying Light. Said trailer — which is surprisingly lengthy, and acts as both an accolades showcase and a reveal opportunity — is full of beautiful-looking gameplay and visceral gore. On top of that, it also provides us with our first glimpse at the game’s four-player co-operative play, though a fleeting one at that.

In a game where stealth becomes a virtue when the sun goes down, four-player co-op is an interesting addition that may not work as well as one would hope. Having more hands in the pudding will make sneaking by incredibly powerful foes at nighttime a dangerous proposition. That said, this is only speculation given that details pertaining to the multiplayer component have yet to be revealed.

Look for Dying Light this coming February, and check out the trailer below.

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