5 Reasons Why The Final Fantasy VII Remake Is A Great Idea (And 2 Reasons Why It’s Not)


1) Making A Million Fanboys (And Girls) Happy

ff7 cosplay

The most obvious benefit of the FFVII remake going forward is that Square will finally be giving the gaming public exactly what they want. Although remakes aren’t particularly welcomed by cinematic audiences, it’s hard to imagine a game that’s been more highly anticipated in the past 20 years, remake or not, so this move makes perfect sense for Square Enix right now.

Since FFVII was first released in 1997, fans have had numerous spinoff games and even an animated movie released to whet their appetites, but nothing so far has come even remotely close in comparison to the original game. It’s a testament to FFVII that people are still obsessed so many years later, particularly as Square Enix has always been keen to revamp each Final Fantasy’s focus with every instalment.

Fortunately, the developer is finally listening to consumer demand, satisfying fans while also making the company a shit ton of money in the process… but it’s not about that, of course. Right?

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