8 Big Announcements We Want To See At E3 2016

Sony To Finally Clarify PlayStation Neo


Murmurs of an upgraded PlayStation 4 certainly caused a stir when they surfaced during this year’s GDC conference. Rumours have slowly gathered momentum and a succession of leaks detailing specifications and requirements have all but confirmed that the new console is on the way. Yet, there has still been no official word from Sony, and E3 is surely the perfect platform to finally clarify what the Neo is and how the company plans on integrating the system into the current ecosystem.

It’s going to be fascinating to see how Sony markets the Neo. After all, the PS4 is setting record sales figures and its domination of the market share is unprecedented. Why Sony have opted to introduce an upgraded version of the console isn’t entirely clear and watching them justify its existence to new console owners is going to be interesting.

We’re betting that PlayStation’s VR peripheral is at the centre of Sony’s reasoning, so if Neo does make an appearance at E3, expect a release date around the same time as VR is scheduled to launch.