EA Bracing For Huge Loss As Demand For Apex Legends Plummets


Remember when Apex Legends was the #1 shooter on the planet? That was only two months ago.

Now, Respawn’s battle royale title is struggling to keep hold of its dwindling user base, placing EA on red alert. Financial website Seeking Alpha reports that Apex Legends is facing a substantial decline, as data pulled from Google and Twitch (see below) prove that demand for Apex is beginning to wane. And fast.

Why, you ask? There are undoubtedly numerous factors that have contributed to this stark decline, but Seeking Alpha believes EA’s decision to bankroll the Apex Legends launch with paid sponsorships (see: the $1 million paycheck sent to Ninja) has resulted in the mass exodus we see today. Even if it achieved record numbers at the outset, early traffic for Apex wasn’t organic, and so the game wasn’t able to establish a strong player base in the vein of Fortnite.

Via Seeking Alpha:

Honestly, we believe the criticisms of these influencers should be taken very seriously. They not only have the power to generate interest and maintain interest for a game, but they also are veteran gamers, and have seen many games both live and die. They know the market far, far better than most investors.

As things stand, Apex Legends is facing a similar fate to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds; a rapid expansion followed by a fall from grace. That’s not to say that Respawn’s title will fade into obscurity, it’s just in desperate need of a shot in the arm if it’s to attract top streamers once again. Get the influencers back on board, and the players (and Twitch viewers!) will follow.

Although, given Apex Legends stream views have dropped 75 percent in just four weeks, Respawn is facing a tall order if it’s to reclaim its former glories.