EA Will Commit To Madden NFL 13 Post-Launch Support

Madden NFL 13 is set to launch Aug. 28th and EA has announced that they are hoping to provide the first update on September 11th, two weeks after the game’s launch. Conversely, Madden NFL 12 did not receive a major update until a full seven weeks after its initial launch.

According to EA Tiburon, the team will be much more consistent with updates this time around, utilizing the “tuner sets” feature that was introduced, but rarely used, in last year’s edition. Tuner sets essentially allow the team to add small tweak’s to the game’s code to balance gameplay, without the need of issuing a full patch.

“The team is absolutely committed to post-launch support, and we will make it a point to keep you updated on title updates, tuner sets, roster updates, new Madden Moments Live and more,” said EA in an official statement.

Post-launch support is important to keeping a sporting game’s community thriving, and from the looks of this it seems EA is much more committed to supporting Madden NFL 13 over last year’s title. In any case, we’ll see how it all pans out after Madden NFL 13 has been on store shelves for a few weeks.

Source: Joystiq