EA Sports Isn’t Waiting Around To Deploy First Patch For Madden NFL 16


EA Sports’ latest installment in its evergreen sports simulator, Madden NFL 16, may be riding the crest of a wave of overly positive reviews after hitting shelves just yesterday, but that doesn’t mean the new iteration is without fault. Specifically, common complaints levelled at NFL 16 are in relation to technical bugs and glitches.

Thankfully, EA Sports has been quick on the case, confirming via Twitter that it plans to promptly roll out a fix for Madden NFL 16 as soon as possible. In the past, Madden games have had a notoriously slow turnaround when it comes to patches and post-launch updates, but Creative Director Rex Dickson allayed fears that early adopters would be waiting weeks for a fix.


As Pasta Padre notes, the main errors being targeted include faulty AI and glitches within the in-game rating system. Here’s the comprehensive list.

Random encroachment coming out of the huddle.
Severe ratings regression in Franchise.
Ratings being boosted to absurd levels during Franchise games.
Broken SuperSim that gives QBs a number of carries that rivals starting running backs.
Custom playbooks not always appearing.
Draft classes that come in too high in certain attribute categories.

Madden NFL 16 is available now across PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Xbox One. Tell us, have you been affected by these early technical issues within EA Sports’ simulator?

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