Titanfall Free For 48 Hours On PC


Respawn’s critically acclaimed shooter, Titanfall, is currently free to download through the Origin game client for a 48-hour period, EA has announced.

The promotion itself is a part of the all-new Origin Game Time scheme, which, quite frankly, is reminiscent of Valve’s free weekend offers through Steam. Nevertheless, for this trail of Titanfall, users will be able to carry all of their in-game progressions over to the full version should they decide to pick up a copy once the 48-hour window shuts.

In a post through the company’s blog, EA outlined the mantra behind the Origin Game Time scheme:

“We’re launching Origin Game Time for Titanfall across the world over the next several hours, so if you don’t see it available yet in your territory, you will soon. Titanfall is only the beginning for Game Time and there’s more on the way. Each Game Time will be unique: different game, different time on the Game Time clock.”

No doubt, ensuring Titanfall — one of the biggest titles of the year thus far — is free for 48 hours is part of EA’s answer to Valve’s Steam summer sale, which kicked off yesterday afternoon.

In terms of EA’s Origin client, though, the company has assured that Respawn’s first-person shooter is just the beginning of the free demos. In fact, the publisher is also running a supplementary promotion called On The House, which gives away a range of titles across PC and Mac — with Dead Space and Battlefield 3 being the most notable titles of late.

At present, the latest game to be a product of the On The House campaign is PopCap’s puzzle-oriented, Peggle. That said, it seems likely that the majority of traffic on Origin this weekend will be filtered through the free trail of Titanfall. And if you’d like to hear our impressions of the game before dropping in, you can check out our review.

Source: Origin