EA Unveils Brief Teaser For FIFA 15 Ahead Of E3 Debut


Of all the shocks and surprises we can (hopefully) expect during next week’s grand E3 press event, there will always be a few inevitabilities. And today, industry behemoth EA confirmed that FIFA 15 is indeed in the works, and marked the occasion by releasing a short and sweet teaser trailer.

In order to view the clip in all of its glory, you can check it out through EA’s latest Tweet:

Other than that, really, we can all but admire the level of fidelity crammed within all nine seconds of footage as Liverpool striker Luis Suarez steps up to take a free kick. What is significant, though, is that FIFA 15 will still trot onto last-gen consoles — namely PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 — as well, as revealed in the above teaser.

Mind you, the next iteration in EA’s evergreen footie simulator will need all the install bases it can muster if it is to emulate FIFA 14’s record as the best-selling entry into the series. However, it’s understood that FIFA 15 will not appear on Nintendo platforms, as per EA’s public dismissal of the Wii U hardware and its subsequent audience.

In terms of the FIFA franchise, though, we can expect this newly announced title to release in an around September of this year.

EA is currently putting FIFA 15 through its paces in the training camp ahead of its grand reveal on Monday, June 9th, when we’ll have all the details regarding this year’s iteration.

Source: Twitter