Earth Defence Force 2025 Deploys For Battle In 2014; Pre-Order Incentives Detailed


After making an appearance at several industry conventions over the last few months, D3 has finally laid out plans to localise Earth Defence Force 2025 on PlayStation 3 for North America. With a release date pegged for February, 2014, the latest entry in the series is a direct follow-up to Earth Defence 2017 and retains all of the ludicrous arsenal and bug-stomping fun that the franchise is known for.

News came via the developer’s post on the PlayStation Blog, which also outlined the game’s pre-order incentives. At the moment, only the Air Raiders Weapon Pack is available as a pre-order bonus, though the developer assured fans that the details about the other content packs —namely the Fencer, Wing Diver and Ranger Weapon Bundles—will be released in due time.

“We’ll make sure all content from Japan makes it over here at some point, and we’ll have more details on all of that in the near future,” said Kaori Takasue, the game’s product manager.

For now, though, the aforementioned Air Raiders pack is currently available to pre-order exclusively at GameStop. Here’s a list of the weaponised add-ons:

  • Pure Decoy Launcher (Setsu) — a weapon that distracts the enemy by discharging a large balloon that takes the shape of an attractive female, but the enemies will meet their fate when the balloon unexpectedly self destructs, destroying everything in its vicinity.
  • The BMO3 Vegalta Gold — a limited edition, gold-coated model that will reflect radar waves and has a combat burner to throw flames. Players will also be able to take flight for short periods of time with it equipped.

Earth Defence Force 2025 also boasts several new features, including dozens of added missions, an arsenal of 700 weapons and, for the first time on consoles, four player online multiplayer. What’s more, the studio also teased plans for several events in the build up to launch. Developer Sandlot’s third-person shooter is now slated to release on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in February, 2014.

Tell us, are you excited to pick up Earth Defence Force 2025 and do battle with a horde of insectoid foes? Give us your thoughts on D3’s latest below.